We are Zebulon Pike Chapter, NSDAR

First DAR Chapter in Colorado

The Zebulon Pike Chapter NSDAR was formed in 1895, in Colorado Springs. Our founding members chose the name “Zebulon Pike” to honor Zebulon Montgomery Pike (1779-1813), American explorer and Army Officer, as an homage to the explorer. We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home to Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain and five Military Installations including the United States Air Force Academy.

Our chapter focuses on promoting Patriotism, Education, and Historic Preservation as we serve God, Home, and Country.  Our members are professional business women, homemakers, active military, and veterans ranging in age from 19 – 99.


Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Montgomery Pike (1779-1813), American explorer and Army Officer, was born in Trenton, New Jersey. He entered the Army about 1793 and became a 2nd Lieutenant in 1799. In 1805 he led an expedition to discover the source of the Mississippi River. The following year he set out on another expedition through the newly acquired Louisiana Territory; and in his travels, he traversed Spanish territory. Historians are undecided as to whether Pike strayed or intended to spy. He was captured but released by the Spanish. Pikes Peak in Colorado, which was first sighted by him on this expedition, bears his name. During the War of 1812, as a Brigadier General, Pike directed the assault on the town of York (now Toronto), Canada, and during the fighting he was killed by the explosion of a powder magazine.



Our History

On January 24, 1895, a group of women met to organize the first chapter of the DAR in the State of Colorado. The women who met that day were very active in politics, their churches, and service organizations. They belonged to lineage societies and literary groups. They were involved in musical organizations and educational institutions. The women were the civic leaders of their time. They were the charter members of the Zebulon Pike Chapter, NSDAR. The charter members lived close together in the central part of Colorado Springs. According to a map at that time, there were only about eighteen city blocks between the most extreme locations of the residences of the charter members. The women’s age spectrum ranged from 21 to 67 years of age, with most of the members’ ages ranging between 40-50 years. Their ages provided a wonderful mixture of energy and talent.

The preliminary work for this first chapter was done in August, 1894, when Mary Goodale Montgomery Slocum’s application for membership to DAR was approved and she was appointed the Colorado State Regent. It’s quite possible that Julia Platt and Elizabeth Cass Goddard, close neighbors of Mrs. Slocum and themselves DAR members from back east, were instrumental in her appointment to this position. The meeting on January 24, 1895, was held in Mrs. Slocum’s home on the campus of Colorado College. Mrs. Slocum’s husband was at that time President of Colorado College. At the time that they met, a rising vote of about 25 indicated that they “felt disposed to join the DAR.” Mrs. Goddard signed the minutes as secretary. At the meeting held on May 13, 1895, it was voted that a DAR chapter would be formed. This is the date that is shown on the Zebulon Pike Chapter charter. Mrs. Goddard was elected regent, Mrs. Charles Eldredge was elected secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. William Platt was elected registrar.