God our Father in Heaven, we come before You with sadness in our hearts for our beloved members who You have called from this earthly home. We seek Your grace to bless and enfold them in Your arms and lift the sadness from our being as we praise You for Your promise that “They who love the Lord shall find eternal rest with You”. With faith, hope and love to You our God, we let go of our beloved sisters, all Daughters of the American Revolution. ~ Amen

We honor and pay loving tribute to the memory of the following women that dedicated their lives to promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism, the objectives of our Society. They have encouraged us as we work for God, Home, and Country. As a tribute to their contributions to our chapter and our community, a book has been donated to the Pikes Peak Library District, Special Collections in their memory.



Jean Fitzhugh – February 2, 2021
Melba Mayall – February 26, 2021
Nancy Delhousay – July 6, 2021
Verna Huff – Aug 11, 2021
Mary Furnish – Oct 20, 2021



Martha Keene – February 9, 2020
Andrea Lintott – April 3, 2020
Bonnie Fox – June 10, 2020
Ninetta Vette – June 9, 2020
Debra Sue Simpson – July 3, 2020