Our Patriots

The following list of individuals are patriots of the American Revolution to whom Zebulon Pike Chapter members can trace their lineage.

As honored in William Tyler Page’s American’s Creed, these brave Americans “sacrificed their lives and fortunes” to establish a government “upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity.”

Patriots are grouped by state of service, and then listed alphabetically by last name. Scroll down to see whether you share an ancestor with a member of the Zebulon Pike Chapter. Information about these and other patriots can be found on the dar.org website

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Patriotic Service Abbreviations
1Lt 1st Lieutenant
2Lt 2nd Lieutnant
ADC Aide de Camp
Adj Adjutant
Arfr Artificer
BDR Bombardier
BGen Brigadier General
Capt Captain
Chp Chaplain
Cl Clerk
Cmsry Commisary
Col Colonel
Cpl Corporal
CS Civil Service
Dr Doctor
Ens Ensign
Fif Fifer
LCol Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Lieutenant
Maj Major
MM Minuteman
Mrnr Mariner
Noncom Noncommissioned Officer
PS Patriotic Service
Pvt Private
Rev Reverend
SDI Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Sgt Sergeant
SLtCdr Sub Lieutenant Commander
Sol Soldier
StaffOf Staff Officer
Surg Surgeon


Admitted to the Union January 8, 1788

Pvt Nathaniel Austin
Sgt Wolcott Bennett
Cpl David Butler
Pvt Sampson Covell
Sgt Elihu Crane, Jr.
Pvt John Dodge, Sr.
Pvt Josiah Rogers Dodge
Lt PS Jonathan Gillette, Sr.
Capt Jacob Hinsdale
CS Benaiah Jones, Sr.
Pvt Jeremiah Lester
Pvt Abraham Morehouse
Pvt Abraham Paine
Capt Ichabod Palmer
Lt Obadiah Perkins
Pvt James Rix
Pvt Judah Roberts
Pvt Henry Sanford
Lt PS Thomas Tanner
CS Richard Wait, Sr


Admitted to the Union December 7, 1787

PS Nehemiah Davis
Pvt William Mustard


Admitted to the Union January 2, 1788

Sol Micajah Bennet
PS William Few, Sr.
CS Lewis Gardner


Admitted to the Union April 28, 1788

Pvt Frederick Beard
Pvt Nathaniel Farmer
PS Henry Jarboe
Pvt John Moore
Pvt William Slick
PS Samuel Smoot
PS Thomas Smoot


Admitted to the Union February 6, 1788

Pvt Benjamin Barney
Pvt Wait Bradford
Pvt Henry Burt
Pvt Nathaniel Cheney
Pvt Ephraim Claflin
Cpl Timothy Claflin, Sr.
Pvt Daniel Curtis, Sr.
Pvt Daniel Curtis, Jr.
Pvt Benjamin Davidson
Pvt Amaziah Delano
Cpl Zenas Dewey
PS Obadiah Dickinson
CS PS Timothy Edwards
Pvt John Foster
Lt CS Samuel Gleason
Pvt John Grover
CS John Heald, Jr.
Pvt John Jaques
Col CS PS John Low, Sr.
Pvt Alpheus Newton, Sr.
Sgt Moses Pearson
Ens Tarrant Putman
Pvt Benjamin Rider, Jr.
Sgt Solomon Root
StaffOf William Thomas
Lt Francis Wheeler
PS Mark White
Maj John Chester Williams

New Hampshire

Admitted to the Union June 21, 1788

Pvt Joseph Cram
PS Samuel Haven
Pvt Moses Head
Pvt Jesse Heath
PS James Mckean
Pvt PS Samuel Root
Cpl Aaron Stearns

New Jersey

Admitted to the Union December 18, 1787

Sol Peter Danforth
StaffOf Jacobus Hubbard
Pvt John Logan
Ens Geradus Ryker, Sr
Pvt Daniel Sayre
Pvt David Thurston

New York

Admitted to the Union July 26, 1788

Maj PS Daniel Buck
Sol James Ellis
Cpl James Gamble
Pvt John Gee
Maj Hilkiah Grout
StaffOf Silas Halsey
Pvt Mikel Rogers
Sgt James Stillwell
Pvt James Walling
Sol Henry Wells
Pvt PS Stephen Yeomans

North Carolina

Admitted to the Union November 21, 1789

PS James Robert Adair
PS Jacob Alford
Pvt George Anderson
Capt PS Ralph Banks
Sol James Boydston
Pvt David Broadwell
Cpl PS Michael Bullen, Sr.
PS David Burleson
Lt Bedreadon Carraway
PS Gideon Crews
PS Micajah Fort
PS John Frazier
PS Peter Helton
CS James Henry
Pvt John Hickman
PS Isaac Holman, Sr.
Capt PS Christopher Houston
Capt CS PS Francis Mccorkle
CS William Milliken, Sr.
Sol Bud Mullins
PS Frederick Musser
Pvt John Nicholson
PS Robert Peele
PS James Puckett
PS Johm Ricks
Pvt Richard Rushing
Pvt Thomas Sawyer
PS William Shaw
PS Travis Thigpen
PS William Ward
PS James White
Sol CS Charles Word


Admitted to the Union December 12, 1787

Ens William Alban
Pvt George Peter Alderfer, Jr
Pvt George Peter Alderferm, Sr
PS Samuel Benefield
Capt Christian Binkley
Pvt Mathias Bittner
Sgt PS Ludwig Bretz
Sol Philip Burbach
Pvt Thomas Butler
Col James Chambers
Ens PS Thomas Coleman
Capt Robert Craig
Capt James Crouch
Noncom David Cryder
Pvt David De Haven
Pvt George Dreher
Pvt Patrick Duffield
Pvt PS Lewis Duval
Pvt PS Isaac Edgington
Pvt PS Conrad Fisher
Maj John Gilchrest
Lt PS Matthew Gilchrest
Pvt John/johannes Grubb
Pvt PS Nicholas Hake
Pvt Bartholomew Harrington
Sgt PS Johan Simon Heller
Pvt PS Heinrich Hibschman
Pvt Jacob Hoover
PS John Hostetter
Pvt William Jeffery
PS Nathaniel Lightner
PS Conrad Ludwig
LCol John Mcclellan
Pvt PS William Mccoy
Pvt Francis Mcginnis
Pvt Isaac Morris
PS George Mumma
PS John Orr
PS Heinrich Rauch
Pvt Robert Ricketts
Pvt PS Casper Riser
Pvt Ulrich Riser
Pvt James Ross
Pvt William Rule
Cpl Michael Schenk
Sol Philip Skelly
PS Henry Strack
Pvt PS Jacob Swander
Pvt Joseph Thorne
PS George Waldhauer
Pvt John Yant

Rhode Island

Admitted to the Union May 29, 1790

Pvt Thomas Bickford
Pvt Jesse Brown
Sgt William Capwell
Pvt Nathan Jaques
PS Ezra Potter
Pvt Squire Williams

South Carolina

Admitted to the Union May 23, 1788

PS Nathaniel Abney
Sol PS Edward Croft
Sol Thomas English
PS Elizabeth Kinsler
Pvt John Mangam
Pvt PS William Mccaleb
CS Israel Pickens
Lt Joseph Ratchford
BGen PS Richard Richardson, Sr.


Admitted to the Union March 4, 1791

PS Jonathan Chipman
Cpl Joseph Grow, Jr.
PS Cephas Kent, Sr.
Capt Steele Smith
Col Ebenezer Woods


Admitted to the Union June 25, 1788

PS John Abney
PS Johan Heinrich Armantrout
PS Peter Armantrout
Capt John Bailey
Capt John Ball
Capt David Beard
PS Elizabeth Beard
Capt CS David Beatty
PS Thomas Bell
PS Frances Bennett
PS Samuel Bonnett
Ens Thomas Bowden
PS Samuel Brockman
Sol James Buchanan
PS Robert Buckles, Sr
Pvt PS Jeremiah Burnett
Noncom John Carpenter
PS Richard Cotton
CS George Cox
Col CS Isaac Cox
Col CS Isaac Cox
Col CS Isaac Cox
Pvt Conrad Custer
CS Walter Davis
Pvt William Davis
PS Benjamin Ellis
Lt John Eskridge
PS Robert Fletcher
Cpl Rowland Gaines
Sol PS Nathaniel Gardner
Capt CS John Girault
Pvt PS James Hamilton
Pvt PS John Hampton
Lt PS Andrew Hanna
Maj John Hathaway
Pvt Littleton Hunt
Lt Henry Jeter
Pvt John Latham
PS Fielding Lewis, Sr.
Capt Fielding Lewis, Jr.
PS Sarah Ligon
Pvt George Livezey
PS John Marks, Sr.
Col Alexander Mcclanahan
PS Robert Mcclanahan, Sr
Lt Thomas Mcculloch
PS John Meriwether
Pvt Peter Montague
PS Daniel Northrop
Sol Jacob Olinger
PS Philip Olinger
Pvt Charles Osman
Sgt Martin Palmer
Sol Michael Pence
PS Lewis Perry
Pvt Lewis Peyton
Sol John Phillippi
Cpl Shadrack Pinkston
Pvt Thomas Price
Sgt Nathaniel William Ralls
Pvt Rhodam Rogers
PS George See
Pvt Matthias Shultz
PS Robert Slaughter
BGen Alexander Spotswood
Maj PS John Stith
PS Christian Straley
PS Michael Swope
PS William Thomas
PS William Tomlinson
PS Olympia Trabue Depuy
Pvt Leonard Vollume
Pvt George Vought
PS Mary Ball Washington
Sgt John West
PS Jenkin Williams
PS William Woods